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Escortjusty of new worlds Sex Education and author of Red Hot Touch. And I'd like to talk to you a little bit about erotic massage and the benefit.I think that these 10 fingered objects here are your biggest asset in bed more than any sex toy more than any product out there.When you learn how to touch your lover in just the most delightful exquisite ways I think it's a huge benefit not to mention great foreplay especially forgetting your lover fully aroused. So some erotic massage techniques that I love I love to pay attention to the whole body and blend it with the genitals.
We often go like oh we're just going to go straight for the genitals. Well, what about blending that pleasure and the arousal that we feel with the genitals with other areas of the body. So one hand take one hand place it on your lover's genitals and just do small circles. This is a great way to just warm up and then with the other hand somewhere on one of the original areas. So maybe it's in between the chest. I love doing hand and heart one on the genitals one on the heart and making small circles and then long strokes out from the genitals so maybe you come up from your lover's foot and you stroke long stroke all the way across the genitals you're not going to stop and pay a lot of attention to the genitals but then go up all the way up to their head. So these long nurturing slow strokes with a lot of oil. I love coconut oil organic refined unrefined coconut oil is the best for erotic Massage Service Delhi  in my opinion. And so then you've warmed your lover up you've done some sort of like connecting the genitals with other places in the body.


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You've done some long strokes that include the genitals because we often don't get that included in the whole body when we get-go to get a Body Massage Parlor Aerocity  it's like oh the feet or the backs of the legs. But to have that with your lover is really really great. So then what's a specific I mean to give you one specific technique for guys and one specific technique for girls that I really love. So for men, I love doing something called washing my hands so the head of the penis and you're going to it's just like you're just washing your hands over the head of the penis.

It's kind of funny story I was teaching this to someone recently and I said OK we're gonna do wash our hands. And she stopped doing them a size and like going to the bathroom to water. So and I mean you're going to take the head of the penis lots of oil on your hands and you're just going to it's like you're washing your hands with his penis in between your hands.


I love that one. OK. So for women, I love any kind of technique that is with the clitoris. So this one's a combination of drilling off and sanding the floor two of my techniques that are in my book Red Hot Touch. So you'll be on the clit with your thumb and your forefinger you're going to squeeze the shaft of the clitoris between the thumb and forefinger and stroke up and down just like you would if you were stroking this shaft of a penis actually clit is like a little version of a penis and does get erections just like a penis. So you're stroking along the shaft of the clitoris like this with your thumb and your forefinger with your other hand you're actually going to point palm down she's face up and curls your finger like this. This is hitting Roger this zone called the PS spot. I call it that's the perennial sponge lies between the anal canal and the Virginia floor and you're going to do like a come hither while you're going like that. So here are here. It takes some coordination and play with her in that way and see what she likes best. Communication is always a key when you're doing any kind of erotic Massage Center Aerocity to check in.



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